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How It Works

How Garadget Works

Garadget’s innovative laser sensor ends the dilemma between the maintenance free but difficult to install wired sensors and easy to install but battery dependent wireless sensors.

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Setup Garadget In Minutes

Easy Setup

What's In The Box

Box Contents - Exceprpt

Everything needed to set up Garadget comes in a neat recyclable package. Just add your garage door, smartphone and WiFi network.

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You'll Love It!

Our customers love Garadget for convenience & peace of mind it brings, ease of installation & wide compatibility, range of integration options, security & trust, great price & no monthly bill.

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Can’t live without this!

This little device has made our lives SOOO MUCH EASIER! We love it!

K. Madsen

Install was a breeze

Love this thing. 15 minutes from opening box to controlling my old garage door via the app. Only took a little longer than that to get it added to SmartThings and integrated with my Google Home.


Buy this!

Easiest of all smart garage door openers to install! Outstanding product. Highly recommend.

Donald A.

Great product, excellent support

Excellent invention, the best product on the market. Clear setup instruction, excellent support through the community support website. I bought two of those for my garage and both now work flawlessly. The installation took about 20 min each.

View M.

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