Garadget for Control4 – Now Certified

Garadget for Control4 has successfully completed Connects with Control4 Certified program.

Introducing Garadget for Control4

Introducing Garadget for Control4 -seamlessly and cost efficiently integrate the existing garage door openers into Control 4 without cloud dependency, subscriptions and maintenance.

Use Your Smartphone As Garage Remote

It’s no secret that old garage remotes can be pain. With Garadget added to your existing opener, all your family members and trusted persons can use their smartphones to monitor and operate the garage door from anywhere.


Your Phone Is All You Need To Access Your Home

With Garadget, you’ll always have access to your property through your garage, all you need is just your smartphone.

Remotely Monitor Your Garage Door From Anywhere

Garadget’s app notifies you when someone has opened or closed your garage door.

Control And Monitor Your Garage Door With Voice (Amazon Echo & Google Home)

With Garadget, you can ask your voice assistant to check on your garage door without getting off the sofa.

Remotely Control Your Garage Door From Anywhere

Garadget allows you to remotely open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy Daily Convenience, Safety And Peace of Mind

With Garadget, you’ll always know whether your garage is closed or not. That knowledge will give you the peace of mind that your property is protected and your family is safe behind a closed garage door.