Security+ 2.0 Wired Dry Contact Adapter

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Dry contact adapter for LiftMaster and Chamberlain Security+ 2.0 garage door openers.


Connect dry contact relays and aftermarket smart garage door controller to Security+ 2.0 LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman opener with yellow “learn” button.

Most of the garage door openers work with a wired doorbell-type buttons that momentarily connect the two wires. This makes it easy to interface them with the smart garage door controllers such as Garadget (see how it works). A small number of LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman openers use a proprietary communication protocol and do not support a simple button control. It is however still possible to control them externally by using a native remote as an adapter. This adapter utilizes a native LiftMaster 883LM wired wall controller (user manual).


  • Connect red and white wires to the corresponding terminals in the garage door opener. For reliable connection you may need to twist the wires from adapter with the existing wires from the wall console.
  • Test the button on the adapter and ensure that it operates the door. The existing wall button should also continue to work.
  • Connect two remaining speaker wires to Garadget’s blue terminal or other dry contact device. The polarity of this connection is not important.
  • Use Garadget app or your dry contact device to test the remote commands.

Compatibility Note:

The wired controller connection on LiftMaster Elite Series 8500 is not Security+ 2.0 compatible and it does not require this adapter.

Security+ 2.0 Wired Dry Contact Adapter

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in

1 review for Security+ 2.0 Wired Dry Contact Adapter

  1. Steve Randazzo (verified owner)

    From an integrators standpoint, thanks to Liftmaster/Chamberlin locking down or not releasing an API this product is your go to solution. Works great!!

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