Going out for a run?

Using a loaner car?

Taking Uber out for the night?

Don’t worry about taking your keys or fumble through using a keypad. With Garadget, you’ll always have access to your property through your garage, all you need is just your smartphone. Simply launch the app when you are leaving or returning and have instant access into your home.

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I use it to open and close my garage door when I go for walks and bike rides as well as to monitor the status of the door.Frederic W.
I’m very happy with it right now as it gives me access to my home when the remote or keypad don’t work. If you’re looking for a small, inconspicuous device that just works, Garadget is the ticket.G. J. Tothon
This thing is worth every penny and I never have to carry around or keep track of the garage door remote.Cliff G.
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Your Phone Is All You Need To Access Your Home
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