It’s no secret that old garage remotes can be pain:

  • We need to get extra remotes for family members, service persons or tenants
  • We have to carry the garage remote on stroll around neighborhood or bicycle ride
  • We realize we forgot the clicker back in the car when we arrive home on mechanic’s shuttle or cab ride
  • We lose or break them
  • We forget to replace the batteries and realize that when it’s too late
  • Garage remotes get stolen out of the parked cars giving criminals access to homes

With Garadget added to your existing opener, all your family members and trusted persons can use their smartphones to monitor and operate the garage door from anywhere. You will enjoy the daily convenience and peace of mind without the monthly bill or sacrificing any existing features of your system.

Here’s a story one of Garadget users recently shared with us:

“I wanted to drop you a line today about my Garadget. I’ve been using it for several months now and I absolutely love it. It has been working flawlessly. It’s real value was realized last week when the battery on my door opener died and I was in the middle of a torrential rain storm. If it weren’t for the Garadget and the iPhone app I would have not been able to get in my garage. Thank you for this great, cool, useful product.”<span class="su-quote-cite">Jenni C</span>
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Use Your Smartphone As Garage Remote
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