Congratulations on your new Garadget!

The configuration process for your smart garage door controller consists of account setup, WiFi configuration, device wiring and installation. It is quite simple and usually requires 20-30 minutes of your time. This short read will help you avoid some the typical “gochas” such as:

  • Garadget installation involves electrical appliance, step ladders, moving doors and other hazards. Review the safety section below, take your time and use good judgment.
  • Do not apply excessive force while handling the USB connector, aggressively wobbling may damage the board. If this happens, we will handle the repair under the warranty, but the process may take 4-10 days.
  • When applying the adhesive pad, make sure it sits flat within the recessed area of the mount and the target area on the opener is flat, clean and dry. Bad adhesion may result in laser movement and incorrect sensor readings.
  • Small number of openers (notably security+ 2.0 openers) do not support a simple push button console and may require the use of a spare native remote.
  • If at any point you get stuck, please refer to the troubleshooting guide for solutions.

Account Setup

Depending on the platform of your choice please load one of the following Garadget apps and follow the prompts for registering your new account:

After you have created your account, proceed to adding your first Garadget to it. For this step please make sure that:

  • Garadget is located right next to your mobile device and within the strong coverage of your home WiFi network
  • Garadget is powered up and in listening mode (LED slow blinking dark blue)
  • your mobile device remains Internet connected

Here’s the video of the account setup process taking under 2 minutes:

At the end of the successful setup procedure, Garadget’s LED should be slowly pulsing cyan, your mobile device will reconnect to the Internet and the app should list your new controller. If you don’t see the new device in app, try logging out and logging back in. Click on “R” button to reset the Garadget and make sure it successfully re-connects.

How Garadget Works - User Interface

Safety Measures

We would prefer that your Garadget setup experience did not include an ER visit. Your safety is your own responsibility. Before proceeding, please make sure that among other common sense safety measures you:

  • are in right physical and mental condition for the task
  • power down your garage door opener at all times while working around it
  • have proper ladder with stable footing
  • have sufficient light in work area
  • do not look directly into the laser
  • have somebody else around in case you need help

Please solicit the help of the licensed and insured professional if, for any reason, you are uncomfortable with performing the Garadget installation yourself.

Since you will be operating your garage remotely, it is critical that your garage door opener has functioning safety features such as motion reversal when encountering obstacle, photo eye (edge sensor) etc.

Controller Wiring

Majority of garage door openers can be operated from inside of the house using a wired wall console. Garadget acts as a computer-controlled push button and its blue terminal should be wired to the same two contacts on the opener used for the wall console.

Garadget Setup - How it works

You can determine the connection by tracing the wall console wires visually or by checking the installation instruction for your specific model of the garage opener. If you need help, please check out the examples in our community board or contact us directly.

Use the included screwdriver to loosen both screws in the black terminal on the back of the Garadget without completely removing them. Push the stripped ends of the included controller wire under the tabs of the terminals then tighten the both screws. The polarity of this connection is not important.

Garadget Setup - Wiring Controller

The other end of the control wire connects to the terminals of the garage door opener according to your research. If the length of the included wire is not sufficient, you can use 18/2 solid thermostat wire from home improvement store or pretty much any other type of wire you can source around the house.

Mounting Garadget

In typical installation Garadget attaches to the bottom of the garage door opener using included double-sided adhesive pad.

Garadget Installation

Before permanently affixing the controller please make sure that the chosen location:

  • has an unobstructed view of the flat area of the top panel of the garage door
  • has a spare power outlet near by
  • is near opener terminals or wall button wiring
  • has the robust WiFi signal

To mount the Garadget, first remove the double-sided adhesive pad from the protective sheet and apply it to the base taking care to ensure the correct alignment: The pad must sit flat within the recessed area of the mount and not cover raised edges.

Garadget Installation - Adhesive Pad Alignment

Ensure that the selected mounting surface is clean and dry before removing the second protective sheet and permanently attaching the Garadget to the opener.

Once the adhesive grips, it’s NOT going to be easy to undo. Do not pull on the Garadget to remove it; instead try to pry along the base with the flat tool as you are leaning it to the other side. The kit includes the additional pad for the second chance.

There’s a mounting hole in the base for attaching garadget where use of adhesive pad is not practical. Separate the base of the mount from the body of the device before mounting using this method.

Affixing The Reflective Tag

Power up mounted Garadget and adjust its the vertical positioning so the laser points at the flat area of the top panel of the garage door while it is closed. Tighten the mounting screw on the side. Using several strips of the scotch tape around the sides, temporarily attach the reflective tag to the door so the laser hits the center of the tag. At this point the software should be reporting the door state as “closed”. After about a day or two, permanently attach the reflector by removing the protective layer from the back and sticking it to the door panel.

If the laser beam travels off the reflector due to the vibration of the opener, affix additional sticker to increase the size of reflective area.

Fine Tuning

Garadget comes pre-set with the reasonable defaults, but you may want to visit settings screen to rename your door and review other parameters, especially while troubleshooting. The detailed information about the available settings and alerts can be found here.

Technical Support

If your experienced any difficulties with the setup, please don’t get discouraged. Most likely you’re a simple adjustment away from the successful setup. To get your issue resolved please refer to the troubleshooting guide. If you still need help, please take a moment to search through our community board for an existing solution, contribute to conversations or submit a new post. For extra brownie points, please post the details of what worked for you.

If you need to return, replace or repair your Garadget, please read this post first. Most of the time we will handle the process faster and with less hassle than the retailers. We will pay all the domestic shipping costs within 30 days satisfaction guarantee period and we’ll ship your repaired or replaced Garadget to the USA address at no cost within one year warranty period.

Your Reviews

If you’re enjoying your Garadget and want to it to become even more awesome – please review & share. Your support of the project is very much appreciated.

Happy Garadgeting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: